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Are you obsessive about reading, learning and self-development?
Someone mentions a book – you have to read it!

Some time ago I developed a fascination with the Hero’s Journey as told by Joseph Campbell in his book “The Hero With A Thousand Faces”.

Joseph Campbell was an American author and teacher who made a lifelong study of mythology and discovered a pattern in stories that goes back thousands of years and is still relevant today. He was a mentor to George Lucas of Star Wars fame and Luke Skywalker’s story follows this pattern.

I use the Hero’s Journey for myself and for mentoring others as a framework for continuous personal development, getting unstuck and overcoming obstacles along the way to achieving life goals.

This lead me to explore and reading widely about personal development, learning, inspiration, motivation, communication, self-leadership and just about anything remotely related.

I have recommended many books to others and benefited so much from other people’s recommendations that I decided to create a place to share ideas, to inspire others and be inspired from life-changing, generally non-fiction, books. It is for people for whom reading, learning and growing is an integral part of life.

The Hero’s Journey Book Club is hosted in a private Facebook Group:

I invite you to join me on this journey.

John Parker

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