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My business mentor has told me more than once, that getting my message out there is better than slaving away to make it perfect and never publishing it!

The other day I came across an article “Nobody’s Perfect” that Richard Branson published in his newsletter back in August. Whilst the article is worth a read it more importantly, for me, reinforced another of my mentor’s lessons – keep repeating your message.

I still sometimes hesitate to post stuff because I think either:

  • I’ve said it before, surely nobody wants to hear it again they’ll tire of it and (heaven forbid) “unfriend” me. Or:
  • Surely hundred’s of people have said this before me so everybody’s already heard it and knows it? 

I know that that’s false thinking but it still niggles at me from time to time. Now, I’m willing to bet that Richard Branson must have repeated his thoughts on perfection several times throughout his career because it helps him tell his story. It helps him get his message to people who didn’t get to hear it on previous occasions.

I’ve begun to notice that all successful people repeat their message and they’ll tweak it from time to time because it’s never perfect and they know that “out there” is better than perfect.

So thank you to Sandra Pilarczyk for your persistence in repeating your messages. They’re finally sinking in!

Finally, if you want to read Richard Branson’s article, here’s the link:

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