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New Resolutions

  Why Wait For The New Year?   The idea of observing the New Year started in 2000 BC in Mesopotamia, celebrated mid-March around the vernal equinox. The calendar then had only ten months, beginning with March. Around 700 BC January and February... Read More

Learn from Marcus Aurelius how to keep calm

Carry On Keeping Calm!  Emperor of Rome from 161 to 180 AD Marcus Aurelius kept a journal subsequently published as his “Meditations”. I love finding old wisdom that is as applicable to our times as to when it was first written. Here are a few quotations (various... Read More

Understand and expanding my comfort zone

Written from just outside my comfort zone, this is a lesson in progress about understanding my comfort zone and how I may expand it.    I am inspired by Carol Kirkpatrick, a coach and mentor in the world of classical singing and whose... Read More

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