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What's Your Purpose?

What Do You Want Your Life To Be About?   Many of us ponder over our purpose in life and get really stuck in thinking that we should have a slick definition that gives us lifelong direction and meaning. In fact, we can spend so much time pondering... Read More

The Hero's Journey Book Club

Are you obsessive about reading, learning and self-development?Someone mentions a book – you have to read it!   Some time ago I developed a fascination with the Hero’s Journey as told by Joseph Campbell in his book “The Hero With A... Read More


Have you ever asked yourself “What is life all about, why am I here, what is my purpose?” and, like me, think that you have to come up with something impactful that at least saves the planet or initiates world peace!   We lead... Read More

Destiny - Whatever That Means To You

When life occasionally throws you a curved ball do you stop and wonder: “Is this it, is this my destiny?” and feel that there’s nothing that you can do about it?   Now, I can’t tell you what destiny is or is not, only how I... Read More

Getting Unstuck

  When we’re reaching for a goal, whether getting fit, growing a business, learning a musical instrument or a language, from time to time we just get stuck.   For example, to get fit we might go to a gym where we’re given a... Read More

If You Could Change Just One Thing

  Many people recognise that they need to change some aspect of their life in order to achieve their life goals.   So why don’t they?   It’s not that they’re not serious about wanting to change. They’re simply not... Read More

When You Look Back 3 Years From Now

  By the time you read this Spring will have sprung and we’ll be heading into Summer. The seasons change year in, year out.   The only constant in our world is change. The climate will continue to change as it has throughout the... Read More

Just One (Small) Step At A Time

Did you make a New Year Resolution?   If you did, statistically the likelihood of your achieving it is pretty small. Often this is because the change we want to make is just too big for our brain to take on board. Our inbuilt fight-or-flight... Read More

New Resolutions

  Why Wait For The New Year?   The idea of observing the New Year started in 2000 BC in Mesopotamia, celebrated mid-March around the vernal equinox. The calendar then had only ten months, beginning with March. Around 700 BC January and February... Read More

Learn from Marcus Aurelius how to keep calm

Carry On Keeping Calm!  Emperor of Rome from 161 to 180 AD Marcus Aurelius kept a journal subsequently published as his “Meditations”. I love finding old wisdom that is as applicable to our times as to when it was first written. Here are a few quotations (various... Read More

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