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Many people recognise that they need to change some aspect of their life in order to achieve their life goals.

So why don’t they?

It’s not that they’re not serious about wanting to change. They’re simply not ready to hear the real truth about what it takes to achieve what they say they want their life to be about.

We’re all susceptible to the lure of an easy fix and it takes some effort to resist it. You know the sort of thing: “7 Easy Steps To Becoming A Millionaire”; “Lose Weight Without Dieting Or Exercising”. How many of us fall for some sugar coated “wisdom” only to find false promises and a lighter wallet?

It may take a couple of easy fix experiences to fine tune your “fake news” filter and give us the courage to seek the real truth.

What one thing do you want to change, the thing that matters most right now?

What’s on your mind?

John Parker

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